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Facial Animation for Feature Animated Films

Animating Stylized Facial Expressions with Victor Navone

Victor Navone, reveals the art of facial animation for feature films using a style similar to Pixar. Learn how to animate a shot from start to finish and discover Victor’s workflow tips, guidelines, and essential tools for creating appealing, feature-quality facial performances for CG-animated characters.
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Product Rendering with V-Ray

Lighting and Post-Production Techniques with Jesse Flores

Discover what it takes to make great-looking product renders for print, packaging, and online marketing materials. By breaking down and investigating real-world examples and what techniques are used to showcase products in reality...
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Grooming in Yeti

Hair Solutions for an Animation Pipeline with Victor J. Garza

This animation workshop by Victor Javier Garza, Hair & Cloth Lead in the film and TV industry, introduces how Yeti can be used to create convincing hair for use in a professional animation pipeline. Over 21 chapters, Victor reveals how Yeti’s tools go far beyond simply grooming hair while providing all the steps needed to create your own finalized groom.
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Creating Procedural Environments in Houdini

with Wojtek Piwowarczyk

Create a 3D environment entirely using Houdini, the industry-standard animation tool by SideFX. The workshop reveals the complete process of procedural environment creation as well as the advantages of harnessing a non-destructive workflow, which allows you to make scene changes at any stage of the production process.
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Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Jumping Spider

with Eric Keller

In this video series, Eric Keller demonstrates his process for designing, modeling and texturing an accurate and realistic jumping spider. Starting from a simple block out in Pixologic's ZBrush, Eric shows you his pipeline for sculpting accurate details, painting textures and materials in Substance Painter...
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Interview with James Miller

by Genese Davis

From Star Wars to How to Train Your Dragon, visual effects artist, James Miller, has produced critically acclaimed work across multiple blockbuster titles. In this interview, Miller divulges his insight when working in feature films for ILM and animated films for Dreamworks, plus, the highlights working for business divisions like the BBC.
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Exterior Scene Development

Maya, Arnold, Mari and Nuke Techniques with Adrien Vallecilla

In this tutorial, Adrien Vallecilla demonstrates how to create custom textures using decals, stencils, and rgb masks in Mari, lighting and look development in Maya, material layering and rendering in Arnold, and his general asset workflow.

BFA Degree in Digital Production

Gnomon’s New Four-Year Degree Program

The full-time BFA in Digital Production is designed to produce production-ready artists versed in general academic knowledge, foundational arts, and production skills. The curriculum is taught in Hollywood and covers all aspects of a 3D generalist skill set.
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Introduction to ZBrush 2020

with Madeleine Spencer

With 54 chapters and over twenty hours of lecture, the series begins with a Quickstart tutorial for those entirely new to ZBrush. Madeleine begins by sculpting a character bust from a sphere while teaching core ZBrush concepts such as dynamesh, subdivision levels, the ZBrush interface, and navigation.
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Creating a Stylized Female Character

The Making of Lyn-Z with Crystal Bretz

In this tutorial Senior Character/Creature Modeler Crystal Bretz takes you through her entire workflow for creating a stylized female character. Using a concept supplied by Angel Ganev, she shares the entire process for translating a 2D concept into a 3D character. This workflow includes a look inside the techniques used for Modeling, Texturing, Groom, and Lookdev.
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Interview with Sarah Arduini

by Genese Davis

Lead character animator, Sarah Arduini, has produced critically acclaimed work across multiple blockbuster titles such as Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, and The Jungle Book. In this interview, Arduini divulges her insight on the day-to-day differences when working in feature animation and VFX, plus, her unique approach to garnering the necessary skills to improve and achieve career milestones.
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Original Creature Concepts

Exploration to Presentation with Pablo Munoz Gomez

Concept and Character Artist Pablo Munoz Gomez shares his workflow for generating an original and appealing creature concept from an arrangement of abstract 3D shapes. The process covers everything from the initial idea, explaining the methodology and core concepts of the technique, all the way to the final render and composite.
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3D Landscapes with Houdini and Clarisse

Environment Building with James Miller

In this tutorial, Generalist James Miller takes an in-depth look at designing, lighting and compositing a landscape environment from beginning to end. Starting with Houdini's terrain tools, he builds up the landscape to fit the desired natural formations taken from photo reference...

Study at Gnomon in Hollywood

Gnomon – School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation

Gnomon helps students reach their goals in digital production through a variety of educational options, including a full-time BFA degree, full-time vocational programs, and over 100 individual courses – all taught at the heart of the entertainment industry
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Anatomy for Artists Volume 3

Understanding the Front Torso & Arm

This third instalment is divided into two segments, beginning with the Front Torso and conluding with the Arm. Rey launches the workshop with an in-depth study of the layers of muscles that matter to artists when drawing the upper bodies of human figures and characters.

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  • Gnomon has created a series of tutorials that will appeal to anyone interested in a career path in visual arts. The availability of these lessons represents a significant opportunity for artists everywhere to elevate their skillsets to the next level.

    Jim McCampbellDepartment Head, Computer Animation Ringling School of Art & Design
  • I'd like thank you guys for all the hard work you've done over the years. I didn't have money for college so I spent what money I could come up with on your video series. Because of your excellent training tutorials, I was able to create a reel that got me a job where I am today and I am eternally thankful.

    Matt SkonickiCinematics Character Artist, Midway Games
  • Their professors – and founders – are people who truly inspire. They don't just teach the 'how to' – they give you context, understanding and expectations of 'how to on the job'. Theirs is a practical approach to actually working in film, video and gaming. It's that amazing ideal, where art and making a living peacefully co-exist. You can certainly become a successful working artist without Gnomon, but with their pedigree, placement stats, culture and track record, why take that chance?

    JJ AbramsCEO, Bad Robot Productions, Director Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek, Super 8
  • Extensive learning courses in the Gnomon Workshop library are hands down the most crucial training solution to our studio. Also we have seen Gnomon's reputation being even greater overseas. At our recent Philippines studio, our employees are constantly learning from Gnomon's online programs. As an art service company, we always need to have a wide range of expertise and Gnomon has built a colossal library of creative knowledge which we can have access to 24/7. I truly appreciate Gnomon's vision to help anyone have access to better themselves and chase their dreams.

    Cecil KimChief Creative Officer, Section Studios
  • Framestore has been a subscriber to the Gnomon Workshop for years and it remains a popular resource. Artists sign up on a nearly daily basis, and the content is relevant and valuable for visual effects. Their licensing offering is reasonable and flexible which is essential for us to be able to engage.

    Andrew SchlusselDirector, Global Talent Development, Framestore
  • AAA game creation has evolved to become the proving ground for marrying the arts with technology – artists need to have exceptionally creative ideas that they can then implement through a digital medium, and then thoroughly optimize those art assets so that a console, consumer PC or smartphone can process those assets at 60 frames per second. In order to achieve this, artists need to have access to the latest techniques and knowledge, regardless of where they’re based. Capcom’s artists are able to take on this challenge specifically thanks to Gnomon, with its vast library of cutting edge knowledge and tutorials available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world – even here in Osaka.

    Matt WalkerProducer, Capcom Co., Ltd.
  • I am often asked about schools and training by beginning fx artists and always tell them to go to the Gnomon site ... what more could you ask for? A comprehensive library of masterful level art, taught by generous and devoted professionals of the highest level that allow you to see their entire process without holding back the essential details and tricks of their own personal styles! I currently study the ever evolving digital options that have to offer in zbrush and concept design myself!

    Glenn HetrickAlchemy Studios
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