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Get to know the professional artists that create the tried-and-tested tutorial content for The Gnomon Workshop. Learn about their career stories and inspirations, and enjoy helpful advice in these insightful interviews!

  Jun 26, 2024

Blazing a path to success: Meet Wētā FX’s Ganesh Lakshmigandan

From watching Jurassic Park and learning AutoCAD as a teen, to art-directing visual effects for the world’s most prestigious movies and TV series, Ganesh Lakshmigandan discusses his career to date and shares tips for aspiring VFX artists....

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  Jun 05, 2024

Get to know the Art Director behind Bad Dinosaurs, Francesco Guarini

We talk to Francesco Guarini about his role on Netflix-favorite, Bad Dinosaurs, and learn how he made the leap from illustrator to a Director on one of Netflix's most-watched TV shows this year....

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  Mar 25, 2024

This AAA Game Character Artist Shares her Secrets to Creating 3D Clothing

We talk to Gnomon Workshop Instructor Erika Lochs about her love for Marvelous Designer and how a new-found passion for dressmaking has made her a better 3D character artist....

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  Feb 07, 2024

Behind the Scenes of David Silberbauer’s Destruction FX Workshop

We chat with David Silberbauer to find out how he harnessed the power of a Dell Precision 3660T to create the impressive destruction VFX shot in his latest workshop...

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  Sep 22, 2023

An Interview with ZBrush Expert & Gnomon Workshop Instructor Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Madeleine's passion for creating monsters and teaching others how to use ZBrush has made her one of the most sought-after instructors at The Gnomon Workshop. We speak with Madeleine about her journey as an artist and gather her invaluable tips for beginners and seasoned ZBrush users alike....

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  Jun 10, 2023

How to Become a Reputable Concept Artist for Film

Framestore Art Director, Philippe Gaulier, tells us about his Ant-Man-inspired Gnomon Workshop, how he got started in the industry — and his movie-star encounters....

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  Mar 27, 2023

Miguel Ortega discusses the creation of "The Voice in the Hollow"

"The Voice in the Hollow" is a stunning short film created by Director and VFX Supervisor Miguel Ortega and his partner, artist Tran Ma. We caught up with Miguel to learn about his career and how he got to grips with Unreal Engine....

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  Mar 01, 2023

Forbidden inspiration & the concept behind Ehsan Bigloo's workshop

Iran, the 1980s. Ehsan Bigloo slips a recorded tape into his parents' Betamax machine — forbidden under Iranian law. He is whisked behind the scenes of Hollywood's best creature features: Alien, Star Wars, E.T., The Thing, Aliens, and Predator. Inspired, he starts sketching......

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  Nov 29, 2021

Babak Bina

Babak Bina has an interesting story to tell. From his home country of Iran to the shores of Canada, he's worked at Double Negative, Method Studios, and Scanline VFX, and on projects ranging from Game of Thrones and Avengers to Star Trek and Wonder Woman. Read his interview right here....

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  Oct 20, 2021

Krystal Sae Eua

Krystal Sae Eua is a highly talented sculptor and modeler. Over the years, she's worked her way up to the position of Senior Modeler at Weta Digital, where she contributes incredible work on franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the Fast & Furious (to name but a few)....

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  Sep 28, 2021

So You've Learned Maya, What’s Next?

Instructor Eric Keller shares his advice for what to learn next after completing...

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  Jun 13, 2021

Crystal Bretz

Get to know Gnomon Workshop Instructor, Crystal Bretz Senior character/creature modeler, Crystal...

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