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Character Animation: Acting and Lip Sync

with Chris Kirshbaum



This is Chris's third lecture in a series on character animation using software: Maya. In this lecture, Chris delves ever deeper into the world of acting and its most important aspect: the character's internal thought process. Chris covers the fundamental principles of lip sync and dialogue, from keying the audio track and breaking it down to phrasing and inflection. Building on earlier themes, including dynamic posing, contrast of shape and emotion, line of action and use of negative space, Chris shows you the step-by-step process of bringing a scene to the level of full 3D theatrical animation.

Duration: 146 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Chris Kirshbaum

Lead Animator at Cinesite Studios (Montreal)

Chris Kirshbaum is an animator, teacher, and public speaker whose work has appeared in more than 25 feature films, as well as several shorts, DVD extras, and holiday TV specials. He has worked in 2D animation as a Special Effects Artist and in 3D animation as a Character Animator. 

In addition to animating at DreamWorks, Chris has worked as both a Lead and Supervising Animator at Cinesite in Montreal, and has mentored many students in the production of their short films. He has taught for more than 7 years at Gnomon School in Hollywood and also teaches for other schools, in addition to The Gnomon Workshop.

  • Chris is very fluent in the art of animation. Whether it is animating very subtle emotions or commandeering an extremely complex scene with multiple characters performing Kung Fu moves, Chris has the talent, patience and perseverance, assuring every scene he animates is of the utmost quality. In addition to his skill set, Chris has the remarkable ability of presenting his knowledge and experience to many others in a clear, concise and constructive forum. He "Can do" and "Can teach". Any student would greatly benefit from the tutelage of Mr. Kirshbaum.

    - Dan Wagner
    Head of Character Animation, Kung Fu Panda