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3D Scan and Retopology for Production

Photogrammetry Workflow with Ara Kermanikian


In this workshop, Designer Ara Kermanikian shares his Photogrammetry workflow as he goes through the step-by-step process of taking scan data into CG applications to generate production ready character assets for use in film, TV, VR, videogame or VFX projects. The workshop focuses on efficient workflows starting with loading and processing the photogrammetry images into Reality Capture to generate and export the 3D model and texture. The 3D character scan is then imported into ZBrush, Maya and Wrap3 for effective treatment, simplification, cleanup, texturing, and retopology. The lectures cover the efficient use of intermediate and advanced modeling and retopology capabilities in ZBrush such as ZModeler, Dynamesh, ZRemesher, and mesh projection. Topology requirements and methodology are covered using Quad Draw and the Modeling toolkit in Maya to manually generate animation ready topology on top of the scan data. Finally, Wrap3 is used to automatically wrap animation ready topology onto the 3D scan character. For those looking to integrate photogrammetry into their pipelines, this title offers an in-depth look at how various tools complement each other to produce efficient and production ready results for both static and animatable meshes.

Duration: 8h 59m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Ara Kermanikian

Concept Designer

Ara Kermanikian is a concept designer with a focus on sophisticated futuristic character, vehicle, and set design for film, games, television, advertising, VR worlds, and 3D prints. He is particularly fond of designing futuristic mechs, cybernetic enhanced creatures and robotics. Ara is currently contracting with clients in the entertainment, scientific and design industries and working on his second book, Polysculpting via Design Studio Press. His work has been showcased in various publications including 3D Artist magazine, Nuthin' but Mech, editions of Mastering Maya and Introducing ZBrush. He is also a visual storytelling, 3D modeling, animation, and character design educator at Art Center College of Design and OTIS College of Art and Design.