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Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt is a multi-talented artist whose clients include Disney, Sony, Riot Games, Fox, Bad Robot, Digital Domain and Warner Brothers, to name a few. In this interview, Nick Hiatt shares his specializations in art direction, matte painting, and concept art, plus, instrumental advice for owning and running a studio. Hiatt also reveals essentials that every artist should pursue.


Read the interview with Nick Hiatt by Genese Davis

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Jordan Soler

Digital artist, Jordan Soler, possesses invaluable skills including adaptability, flexibility, and the passion to face innumerable challenges. In this interview, Jordan Soler discusses key ingredients that make him an effective grooming artist, plus, the projects that impacted him most. In addition, Jordan shares details regarding top notch software and the highlights and the challenges that come when working on blockbuster titles.


Read the interview with Jordan Soler by Genese Davis

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Elaina Scott

With seventeen years of combined experience in video games, film and TV, Lead Animator Elaina Scott, has amassed a wide range of invaluable skills and experience. In this interview, Elaina discusses the daily demands animators face, solutions to common challenges, and instrumental advice for effective collaboration. Elaina Scott also reveals the details regarding how to survive in entertainment industries and a quick look at top notch software.


Read the interview with Elaina Scott by Genese Davis

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Gennaro Esposito

3D artist, Gennaro Esposito, is a Senior Hard Surface Modeler for MPC London whose recent work includes Disney’s, The Lion King and Sonic. In this interview, Gennaro Esposito discusses his personal path into the industry, common modeling challenges and solutions, plus, instrumental advice for working in games, TV, and film. Esposito also reveals the details regarding his most influential project.


Read the interview with Gennaro Esposito by Genese Davis

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Vitaly Bulgarov

Concept Designer, Vitaly Bulgarov is a sought-after 3D artist, whose extensive client-base includes Dreamworks, Blizzard Entertainment, LucasFilm’s Industrial Light&Magic, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Skydance Productions, Boston Dynamics and more. In this interview, Bulgarov, discusses the day-to-day challenges for principle designers, the development of a side-scrolling action game and other unannounced titles, plus, instrumental advice for creating futuristic designs and the details behind his most impactful moments in the industry.


Read the interview with Vitaly Bulgarov by Genese Davis

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Rob Nederhorst

 VFX Supervisor and compositor, Rob Nederhorst, possesses unique talent and has produced critically acclaimed work on titles such as Thor, Captain American, Iron Man 2, The Day after Tomorrow, Daredevil, and Star Trek: Nemesis. In this interview, Nederhorst divulges how he forged his career, his methods for reengineering pipelines, the day-to-day differences between VFX artist and VFX supervisor, plus, the details on his most influential past endeavors.


Read the interview with Rob Nederhorst by Genese Davis